1. Spreadsheet Wrangler


    Spreadsheet Wrangler is a command line tool to make working with spreadsheets easier. I use it primarily for handling bill of materials.



    Command line tool for interacting with spreadsheet data


    pip install spreadsheet-wrangler
    git clone https://github.com/snhobbs/spreadsheet-wrangler.git
    cd …
  2. Object Oriented OpenSCAD


    This is a discussion on using vectors in OpenSCAD as objects that can be used polymorphically. I've found this to be a powerful approach which encourages more generic algorithms. It's a bit ugly but it works. Nothing here is revolutionary but I've found it to be a useful way …

  3. pyetest: Electronics Testing Tool & Method

    The following introduces a python library targeted at filling in spreadsheets to simplify writing pass/fail tests for electronics testing. This method generates easy to maintain test description and acceptance test software with easily defined measurements and test criteria. The …

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